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Recipe: Date Syrup

I started using date syrup as my sweetener of choice after reading Dr. Michael Greger’s How Not to Die Cookbook. Using his recipe as inspiration, I played with the ratios and came up with this slightly thicker syrup. I always have date syrup on hand to use as a substitute for maple syrup, sugar, or other sweetener in dressings, sauces, and baking. Date syrup adds a natural sweetness that I really enjoy!

Date Syrup

*inspired by Michael Greger, M.D.


  • 2 1/2 cup dates
  • 2 cups boiling water


  1. Boil water in kettle
  2. Add ingredients to a to a high-powered blender (see note for standard blender)
  3. Blend and store in refrigerator

Note: I recommend using a high-powered blender. If you’re using a standard blender, chop the dates and soak them in the water for 30 minutes prior to blending.

Suggested Uses

  • in coffee or tea
  • as a substitute for maple syrup, sugar, or other sweetener in dressings, sauces, and baking

8 thoughts on “Recipe: Date Syrup”

  1. Please could you say what weight of dates you used in grms? I am in the UK and we don’t usually use cups to measure or there are lots of different sizes. Recipe sounds great. How long does it keep please?


    1. Hi Kathy, I don’t weigh them so I’m not 100% sure. I did check online to see if I could convert it to grams for you. There were some discrepancies, but it looks like between approximately 560-595 grams. If it turns out too thick, you can always add a bit more water. I would say the date syrup lasts in the fridge for a couple of weeks – I always take a good look at it and smell it to make sure it’s still ok. Hope that helps!


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