Weird Weight Loss: Weird Things That Happened When I Lost Weight – Part 3

Weight loss is weird. Weight loss is fun and I feel great, but otherwise, it’s not at all what I expected. If you haven’t already read them, check out my previous “Weird Weight Loss” posts here: part 1 & part 2. I have regained my health and lost 80 pounds since switching to a plant-based diet. Many unexpected things have happened since losing weight! These outcomes of weight loss are based on my own experience and may or may not be relatable to others who are on a weight loss journey or have lost a significant amount of weight. I also want to note that I do not mean any offence to people in larger bodies. I was in a larger body for most of my adult life and for part of my teenage years. Each individual has their own unique perspective and lived experience. These are unexpected things that have happened to me since losing weight!

1. Crossing My Legs Feels Different

Whether I’m sitting cross legged on the floor or sitting with one leg crossed over the other in a chair, it feels very different now. My legs cross over more fully, and I notice that it feels much more comfortable. 

2. I Need to Use a Yoga Mat

In the past when I would practice yoga at home, I sometimes wouldn’t bother rolling out my yoga mat. Now I definitely need to use my yoga mat on the hardwood floor. The thin layer of padding makes such a big difference and makes practicing yoga so much more comfortable!

3. I Can Lie Down Flat on my Back Comfortably

I first noticed this in yoga class as well. Previously when I would try to lie flat on my back in corpse pose at the end of class, I wouldn’t be able to stay comfortable in that position for long. I’ve noticed that now I can stay still, calm, and comfortable lying down flat on my back until the end of practice.

4. People Assume I’ve Always Been Thin

When I lived in my hometown, I would often see people who saw me through my weight loss journey or people I hadn’t seen in a long time who didn’t recognize me or were shocked by how much weight I had lost. I moved to a new town a few years ago (my husband’s hometown), so I don’t usually see people who knew me as someone in a larger body. People just assume that I’ve always been thin, so it’s fun to share my weight loss story and surprise people in a new way!

5. Identity Issues – I’m Not in a Larger Body Anymore

This is an odd one to come around to. For a long time I was obese and identified myself as “chunky, curvy, full-figured etc…” I would joke with my husband or with my friends about my size. It’s a weird transition to go from being someone in a larger body to someone in a smaller body. It shouldn’t really matter, but it has been surprisingly challenging.

6. Sex is Different

I’m not going to go into great detail with this, but all I will say is that we fit together better. Sex is just different now. 

7. Journey’s Over After Weight Loss?

I always thought that if I was able to regain my health and lose some weight, that would be that. That would mark the end of the journey. To some extent this is true in that I’m healthy, I’ve lost 80 pounds and am in weight loss maintenance mode. What I didn’t anticipate was all of the new interests I would have and the new goals I would be setting for myself. I want to continue to build strength and endurance. I’m working to improve my running and calisthenics skills!

8. Fear of Weight Regain to Confidence That I Won’t Regain The Weight

Initially, I had a lot of fear surrounding the possibility that I might regain the weight and end up sick again. I think this is normal and fairly typical, especially for someone like me whose weight has yo-yoed up and down many times. The surprising thing is that over time the fear of weight regain has dissipated. I know what I would do if the scales started to creep up or my clothes started to feel tighter. I feel confident that I won’t regain the 80 pounds I’ve lost!

9. I Can Fit Into Some Children’s Clothing

This is a real shocker to me! Even as a teen and young adult, I couldn’t fit into kids clothes. I never would have even thought to try! It’s wild that now that I’m a Mom and have a 5 year old, I can comfortably fit into a few of his t-shirts and hoodies.

10. What I’m Doing With My Life Now

I had no idea when I embarked on my health and weight loss journey that I would end up becoming so passionate about living a healthy plant-based lifestyle, become a coach, and start sharing my journey here on my website and on my YouTube channel. I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to share the mistakes I’ve made along the way, what I’ve learned, how I lost the weight, and how I maintain my health and weight loss.

So, those are 10 more weird things I experienced after losing weight! If you’d like to know more about my weight loss journey, check out my Weight Loss FAQ and How We Lost Over 100 Pounds.

Let me know if you can relate to any of the weird things I mentioned in this post or my previous two “Weird Weight Loss” posts. I would love to hear your experience!

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