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Different Perspectives on Fitness – My Husband Hates the Gym?!

My husband Chris and I are celebrating our 18 year date-aversary (dating anniversary) this weekend. We have the same core values, but we are also opposites in many ways.

We both value our health and aspire to live long, healthy, happy lives. However, we have very different perspectives on fitness and physical activity. More specifically, we have opposing views when it comes to exercising at a gym or fitness centre.

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I have always liked to move my body in one way or another. I danced and was a dance teacher for many years, and I even taught Zumba for a few years. Way back in the day though, I used to be intimidated at the gym, and would only go to the gym because I thought I had to. When I wanted to lose weight, the conventional wisdom said “eat less, move more” and I definitely subscribed to that notion for a long time. I would reduce my portion sizes and exercise more for a time, but then I would inevitably fall off the band-wagon and end up gaining more weight than I lost. For more about our weight loss, check out our How We Lost Over 100 lbs blog post. 

After regaining my health and losing 80 pounds, I have a renewed love of physical activity. After being so ill that it was difficult to do daily activities, I have a deep appreciation for being able to move my body. I’ve especially been enjoying lifting weights, calisthenics, and yoga. I like to use my Lebert Fitness Equalizer Bars. I also LOVE going to the gym! I’m always excited to go. I work hard, increase my strength and stamina, and have a lot of fun. I feel energized and pumped up before and after a workout. The gym is truly one of my happy places! I’m keen to increase my strength and challenge myself. Tomorrow, I’m starting the 28 day overhaul by Vegan Proteins. I’m looking forward to the challenge and will keep you updated on my progress!


I have never liked going to the gym and never understood the appeal of gyms. Gyms are disgusting places, in my opinion. The atmosphere in general makes me very uncomfortable; there’s so much sweating, grunting, and panting etc.

That being said, Meg loves the gym and it’s great for her because she has so much fun, gains so much personal pride, and meets new people.

I do enjoy activities like walking, cycling, yoga, skateboarding, and rock climbing. These things are my ideal forms of physical exercise. I don’t even think of these activities as exercise per se. Doing these things is fun for me and feels good.

Eating a plant based diet for the past 5 years approx. has allowed me to feel physically capable, happy, and healthy.

When I think of fitness, my main focus is being capable of doing the things that I enjoy. Whether that’s being able to enjoy activities, or keep up with our 5 year old, this is how I measure my physical ability. I am not a person who cares about looking a certain way or being muscular looking. 

MEG & CHRIS – What We Agree On

We both want to live long healthful lives. We have an energetic 5 year old and we both want to be able to keep up with him. As a family, we enjoy going for walks and hikes as well as exercising with the Lebert Fitness Equalizer Bars, and practicing yoga. Chris and I respect one another’s viewpoints even though we have opposing views when it comes to working out at the gym. 


  • If you’re new to exercise, ease your way in. Everybody starts somewhere. Practice makes progress.
  • Make time to do whatever physical activities you enjoy. Schedule it into your day or week.
  • Schedule time to do things that are important to you whether or not they are important to your significant other.
  • Don’t allow your significant other’s different viewpoint to keep you from doing things that are important to you.
  • Communicate with your significant other and come to an agreement that both parties can be happy with (ex. how much time spent at the gym or playing video games, scheduling time to spend together etc…)
  • If you haven’t found an activity you enjoy, experiment with new activities.
  • Do exercise that brings you joy; don’t go to the gym (or do any other activity for that matter) just because you think you have to in order to be healthy or lose weight. There are so many different options for exercise, sports, and fun activities to try.
  • Try to find activities that you CAN do together and both enjoy. It can be as simple as going for a walk.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a massive chore. Maybe you love sports or working hard and sweating it out at the gym, or maybe you prefer walking or cycling to get from point A to point B. Either way, moving your body is great for your overall health and wellness. Find activities that you like and have fun moving your body in any way that brings YOU joy, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Let us know what types of exercise and activities you like to do. Maybe we’ll try something new based on your ideas and suggestions!

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