Well Your World Product Review – Apparel and Sauces

I am a big fan of Well Your World, and have wanted to try their sauces for a long time. When I found out they were shipping to Canada, had restocked their sauces, AND were coming out with apparel, I knew it was time to place an order! I decided to order three shirts and two sauces.

Please note: This is NOT sponsored content. We are not sponsored. We purchased these items with our own money and all opinions are our own.

About Well Your World

In case you’re not familiar with Well Your World, Dillon Holmes is the creator of the Well Your World YouTube channel and Facebook group. Dillon and Reebs also host interactive live cooking shows twice a month. They sell fun graphic t-shirts, and many sauces and dressings that are: vegan, oil free, salt free, refined sugar free, nut free, and gluten free. Check them out at:


I ordered two shirts for myself in: Arugula, Never Heard of Herbivore and Powered by Potatoes (women’s, small).

They fit really well! I could have gone with a medium for a more relaxed fit, but a size small works well for me for a more fitted style. The shirts are soft, and extremely comfortable. I love the graphics on both shirts and have been wearing them often!

I also ordered a shirt for my husband, Chris: House Starch (unisex, small).

Chris says the size is perfect for him. He finds the material to be soft and breathable. Best of all, he loves the design and has a lot of fun showing it to people (who often understand the Game of Thrones reference, but are thoroughly confused by the Instant Pot and the word “starch”). It has been a fun conversation starter!

The graphics on all of the shirts have held up well thus far. We’ve had them for a couple of months, and have been wearing (and washing and drying) them often.

We both love our shirts, and our 5 year old son has commandeered my Potato shirt. He thinks it’s hilarious and loves to wear it, even though it fits him more like a dress than a shirt.


We ordered two sauces: Sweet Heat Dressing and Sriracha Chili Sauce.

The Sweet Heat dressing is aptly named because of the sweet and spicy flavour profile. The spice level was a bit of a surprise as it does have a nice punch of spice. My favourite ways to to use it are as a salad dressing or veggie sauce. 

The Sriracha Chili Sauce is spicy, but has a slightly different flavour than traditional sriracha (Huy Fong Foods – the one with the rooster logo). My husband Chris calls the Well Your World sriracha “fruity sriracha” noting the tanginess of the sauce-perhaps from the apple cider vinegar. My son really enjoys this sriracha too! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it doesn’t leave the uncomfortable lingering burning sensation that the traditional version sometimes does. I actually prefer the flavour of the Well Your World sriracha and we will definitely repurchase once they restock! I’ve been enjoying the sriracha in burrito bowls, on top of veggies, on tofu scramble, and even as a marinade for tempeh.

Overall, we are thrilled with the Well Your World Products! Ordering was simple, and the sauces were well-packaged to protect them during shipping. The shirts are awesome, and the sauces we tried are delicious. I am thoroughly enjoying the Sweet Heat dressing (and am going through it quickly). The sriracha is a new favourite in our household! We will definitely reorder from Well Your World in the future and would highly recommend trying their products.

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