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Plant-Based What I Eat in a Day (Vegan & Oil Free) – Healthy What I Eat in a Day – Weight Loss Friendly, Family Friendly

I enjoy a simple and delicious whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet. It’s healthy, family friendly, great for weight loss, and weight loss maintenance! Since switching to a plant-based diet, I have lost 80 pounds and regained my health. I love to make simple dishes that fuel my activities and that my family will enjoy. The weather was extremely hot and humid today. I made my chocolate banana green smoothie, had some tasty leftovers for lunch, and a tasty mishmosh meal for dinner. I’ll also share the snacks and dessert I enjoyed today, as well as a few things I did today!

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Breakfast – Chocolate Banana Green Smoothie (Green Chocolate Milkshake), Water, Coffee, and Ryerden’s Banana Crunch “Cookies”

This is an ugly smoothie. I admit that it is not particularly beautiful or “instagram-worthy,” but I love it because it tastes oh so good! I really enjoy smoothies and I drink them more often in the summer months. I have been enjoying this particular smoothie/milkshake since I first went plant-based back in 2016! I admittedly used far less greenery back then, but it’s an old favourite that is great for breakfast or shared with the family for a yummy snack or dessert. I use my trusty Vitamix blender to grind the seeds and make it creamy and smooth.

Ryerden is my 5 year old, and he came up with: Banana Crunch “Cookies.” They are not really cookies, but Ryerden insists that they are “his type of cookie.” He loves to experiment with different ingredients in the kitchen, and he always surprises us! I had a few of his tasty treats that are simply sliced banana, topped with a dollop of almond butter, and a triangle of apple on top.

After breakfast, we went out to the thrift shop and ran a few errands.

Lunch – Black Bean Burger, Homemade Fries, Coleslaw Mix Topped with Vegan Caesar Dressing, Water

I love leftovers! We barbecued vegan burgers and fries last night. We made the black bean burgers from the How Not to Die Cookbook by: Dr. Greger. We chopped the potatoes, seasoned them with garlic powder, paprika, and cayenne powder, and grilled them in foil. The fries could also be baked in the oven at 425 F for 40 minutes (flipping halfway through cooking time). I also enjoyed a super simple and quick salad comprised of coleslaw mix and my homemade vegan caesar dressing. Yum!

We ventured out to Costco in the afternoon and filmed our next video. Watch out for our Costco Haul post and video coming out on Sunday.

Snack – Dried Figs, Water

I had a few dried figs for a quick snack while we were filming.

Dinner – Mishmosh Meal: Raw Vegetables, Fruit, Whole Wheat Pita, and Guacamole

With it being such a hot day, none of us were super hungry tonight. So, we decided to have a really light and easy meal. I served up a large sharing plate of chopped peppers, carrots, pita, guacamole, apples, and cantaloupe. This isn’t what I originally planned for dinner tonight, but it was a simple, tasty, and cooling meal for a warm night.

Dessert – Sweet Potato, Berries, Vanilla Rooibos Tea, Water

I usually keep baked sweet potatoes on hand to have with meals, or to enjoy as a snack or dessert. I cut them in half and bake them cut side down at 425 F for 40 minutes or so. Tonight I topped my sweet potato with cinnamon and had some mixed berries on the side. I like the warm earthy cinnamon sweet potato and vanilla rooibos tea contrasted with the fresh burst of juicy flavour from the mixed berries.


I  take vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 supplements daily.

I drank lots of water in between meals (and with my meals) today.

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I hope you enjoyed this What I Eat in a Day post! Let me know if you try any of these recipes!

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