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What I Eat in a Day – After 80 lb Weight Loss (Plant-Based, Vegan)

I love to keep my plant-based diet simple! I do not count calories or macros. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I drink lots of water and eat all of the whole food plant-based (WFPB) deliciousness I want throughout the day: vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and spices. Today's… Continue reading What I Eat in a Day – After 80 lb Weight Loss (Plant-Based, Vegan)

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Recipe: Chocolate Zucchini Oats

Grating zucchini into oats is a great way to boost your vegetable intake and enjoy veggies for breakfast! I used to make this recipe without the zucchini, and it works that way as well. Feel free to start with less zucchini and gradually increase if you're unsure of having veggies in your oats. Enjoy warm… Continue reading Recipe: Chocolate Zucchini Oats


How to Eat More Vegetables

Before I went plant-based, I did not like vegetables. I ate veggies as a kid, but never really enjoyed them very much. In my 20s, the veggies I consumed were the odd side dish of broccoli or mixed frozen vegetables and lots of pre-packaged french fries. Even if you do not enjoy vegetables, there are… Continue reading How to Eat More Vegetables


How We Lost Over 100 lbs OUR WEIGHT LOSS STORY I decided to go plant-based for health reasons, but also knew that I would probably lose weight in the process. While my primary focus was health, I must admit, I was looking forward to the prospect of losing weight. I had tried to lose weight in the past with varying… Continue reading How We Lost Over 100 lbs