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What I Eat in a Day Plant-Based Weight Loss Maintenance (Easy, Vegan, Oil Free, Comfort Foods)

Today’s “What I Eat in a Day” post is a little different. I had unconventional meals and homemade chocolate cake for dessert! I typically have oatmeal or smoothies for breakfast, but decided to have some yummy leftovers this morning instead. My lunch is a tasty Meg’s Mishmosh Meal that I threw together using some leftover gravy, fries, a can of chickpeas, and warming up some frozen mixed veggies. We decided to make roasted Brussels sprouts and baked potato chips with pizza hummus for dinner!

Since switching to a plant-based diet, I have regained my health and lost 80 pounds. I like to keep my meals simple without sacrificing on flavour!

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Breakfast – Water, Tamari Peanut Tempeh with Black Rice and Broccoli

I drank some water before my run this morning, and continued to drink more water when I got home. I didn’t get around to breakfast for a while since I was getting my son set up for online learning. Our area is still in lockdown, so he’s doing virtual schooling (which will likely continue until the end of the school year). I decided I wanted to have something savoury for breakfast for a change. I decided to warm up some yummy leftovers.

Yesterday, we prepared our black rice in our Instant Pot. We love using the pressure cooker for rice. It turns out perfectly every time! For black rice we cook it at a 1:1 ratio of rice to water on high pressure for 18 minutes, with a 10 minute natural release. We also made our Tamari Peanut Tempeh which is so flavourful and delicious. I warmed the rice, tempeh, and some frozen broccoli, and added a touch of sriracha over the top of everything. I thoroughly enjoyed my unconventional breakfast!

Mid-Day Coffee

I enjoyed a coffee with a splash of soy milk and more water while playing outside with my kiddo.

Lunch – Meg’s Mishmosh Meal: Comfort Fries

I was so excited to throw together some simple ingredients for a comforting and tasty lunch! I combined fries, mixed veggies, chickpeas, and topped it with gravy for a healthy comforting and delicious meal. Putting together ingredients in different ways is fun and sometimes you come up with a meal that is surprisingly delicious! This meal may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love it and have made it many times for a quick, yummy lunch!

Dinner – Baked Potato Chips, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Carrot Sticks with Pizza Hummus

We love to make our oil free hummus in our Vitamix blender. It blends to a smooth and creamy consistency and we love to use it as a delicious dip, a salad dressing, a sauce for sandwiches, on top of whole grains and more! We also like to mix our hummus with other ingredients to make other yummy sauces. After posting our pizza post and video, we really wanted to make our pizza hummus. Pizza hummus is great on top of pizzas, but we also love to use it as a veggie dip! We doubled the recipe so we could all dip as much as we wanted and still have some leftover as well. We roasted Brussels sprouts with Italian seasoning and nutritional yeast, baked some oil free baked potato chips, and chopped up some carrot sticks for a delicious dinner meal. I enjoyed two plates before moving on to dessert!


I  take vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 supplements daily.

Dessert – Chocolate Cake and Earl Grey Tea

We made cake on the weekend for Mother’s Day. We modified our chocolate zucchini cupcake recipe slightly based on what we had in the house and to make it work for a cake.

Modifications to original recipe
-mix dry ingredients, add shredded zucchini to wet ingredients and mix
-omitted chocolate chips (we didn’t have any)
-baked for 1 hour
-1 cooked, peeled sweet potato
-1/2 cup date syrup in place of dates
(we ran out of dates, but still had some date syrup on hand)
-1/2 cup water

I also had a few dates and more water in the evening. I drank lots of water in between meals (and with my meals) too.

Here is my previous What I Eat in a Day post and video.

Here is our latest What Our Vegan Family Eats in a Day post and video as well.

I hope you enjoyed this What I Eat in a Day post! Let me know if you try any of these recipes!

4 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day Plant-Based Weight Loss Maintenance (Easy, Vegan, Oil Free, Comfort Foods)”

  1. I hope you will post on maintenance. I am curious as to when you knew you were in maintenance. Was it soon after you were at goal? With hypothyroidism maintenance is so hard. I can gain 10 pounds with not much change in diet so I am not sure how much fluctuating is normal.


    1. It took me a while to figure out I was in maintenance mode. I didn’t have a specific goal weight, but I realized I was in maintenance once I stopped losing weight and fluctuated up and down 5 pounds or so. I’d say a 5-10 pound fluctuation is ok for maintenance, but it could be more than that based on when you weigh yourself, hormones etc.. Using other tools to measure progress can also be helpful – progress photos, measurements, energy level, how clothing fits.


  2. I appreciate you sharing these ideas. I really need to keep it simple or I can cave into processed vegan food. I have never tried black rice. Is it like wild rice? It is good to see someone else eat what others may think as unconventional breakfast food. I like broccoli for breakfast but some coworker’s think I am nuts.


    1. Keeping it simple helps me stay on track too. Black rice is sticky and delicious. I like to start my day with green vegetables. It sets the tone for the day.


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