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Healthy Halloween (Vegan and WFPB Recipes)

Halloween is such a fun holiday! When going vegan, and subsequently, whole food plant-based (WFPB), we have reworked Halloween to make it healthier, but keep the fun! 

If you have a hard time with Halloween and the holidays, check out my ‘How to Navigate Halloween & the Holidays While Maintaining a Vegan or WFPB Lifestyle’ blog post and video for my top tips. For Halloween this year, we decided to make some delicious healthful Halloween-themed dishes. See our Healthy Halloween videos below for some great recipes, and for ideas of foods you can cut out with cookie cutters that are not cookies!

Recipes featured in video 1:

Crispy Baked Tofu with black rice and veggies

Jack-O’-Lantern Cookies (Sweet Potato Carrot)

Recipes featured in video 2:

Slime Smoothie (Mango Pineapple Spinach)

Spooky Salad (Black beans, greens, & green salsa)

Bat Brownies (Dr. Greger’s Fudgy No Bake Brownies) *we used peanut butter instead of almond butter and omitted the crushed pecans

Cookie Cutters

We’ve also been having a lot of fun using cookie cutters. We’ve used them with many different foods:

Our Plans

We will celebrate Halloween by:

  • enjoying delicious homemade food using the recipes listed above
  • going for a hike
  • putting together a scavenger hunt for Ryerden (our 5 year old)! We’ll wrap some fun surprises and hide them around the house for him to find. Check out our vegan treats review blog post for some packaged vegan snack ideas.
  • playing with his new toys – ball and activity book
  • watching a Halloween movie together (probably The Nightmare Before Christmas)

2020 has been a strange year and the coronavirus pandemic will likely make celebrating Halloween quite different (depending on where you live, what restrictions are in place in your area, and what you’re comfortable doing). Even though we may not be able to celebrate in our usual ways, we can still enjoy each others’ company and have a blast. I encourage you to be creative, have fun, and enjoy Halloween in your own way.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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